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Every Move Covered

Jaszac Trenton Lawyers is a boutique Melbourne based law firm that provides legal expertise, advice and representation for industry leading businesses and public personalities in sport, entertainment, digital media, real estate, technology and hospitality. 

Our team of highly qualified and experienced legal professionals have been assembled with an aptitude for assisting the business and personal needs of our clients in a manner that is always professional, practical and having the best interests of our clients as our central focus at all times.   Our team is always approachable, down to earth and thrives on assisting you to reach your goals. 

Jaszac Trenton Lawyers proudly provides legal support for the Jaszac Investment group, an Australian investment company with an exciting and dynamic range of investments in companies worldwide.  

We welcome individuals and businesses of all sizes to contact us for information about how we can provide support in relation to your legal matters.


Areas of Practice

Commercial & Business Law

Criminal law

Sports & entertainment law

intellectual property 

Employment law

immigration and visas


We are dedicated to seeing you achieve your success as we may then enjoy ours.
— Daniel Trenton, Director